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  1. I have a coolermaster 212 evo x. I want to add an RGB fan to it instead if thr standard one. It comes in a pack of 5 with a controller. My issue is that the fans have a 6 pin connector. Will it be ok to not use the mb fan connector or is there a way to bypass that connector. So i can use the controller for all my fans and be able to control all rgb funtions. Im using intel 4670 on a asus z87 pro v board. 16gb ddr3 and gtx 970 gpu.
  2. Got a cooler master 212 hyper X. Just wondered how to add an rgb fan to it. Was going to add an rgb fan that connects to a fan controller along with my other rgb case fans. Do i need a bracket or something as the original just clipped off. Thanks in advance.