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  1. @Whiro I've already ran memory diagnostic test and came back all good previous owner had no issues.
  2. @whiro I've installed the cooler and the temps are great but it's still crashing with the same WHEA uncorrectable error ,a new hard drive has been tried aswell and the same problems is happening.
  3. @Whiro under load for ex when i launch csgo the load is probably around 40% for a second and the temps just shoot up past 80 within a splitsecond. then it bluescreens everytime. before i was using a i5 4690 with stock cooler with 1050ti then upgraded to 1660ti before i got the 4790k and it would run cod mw without heating issues also yesterday i turned on the pc and before it even got to the windows login it bluescreened with the same WHEA UNCORRECTABLE ERROR
  4. Yeah I have applied new thermal compound (thermal grizzly) and at idle it's 40-60°c
  5. I have recently upgraded my parts i bought them off a close friend and they are in working order but Im having a problem with bluescreening "Whea uncorrectable error" I have a i7 4970k Asus Maximus vii hero 32gb Corsair vengeance Asus 1660ti 6gb OC dual Everytime I try to boot up a game for example csgo a easy game to run we thought it could be a windows problem or hdd we installed Windows onto a new hdd and the problem is still occuring I bought a air cooler that didn't work.. It's currently on a stock cooler and I have a AIO coming very soon but is there any suggestions for help as a i7 4970k should not be bluescreening csgo after 20seconds even with the stock cooler on (I know a stock cooler is shit) All bios are at default and I have checked YouTube vids of heating problems with the 4790k and I checked the Intel extreme tuning and everything is what it should be.