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  1. I have 2 500gb western digital hard drives and the old motherboard was an msi 760gma p34fx. I am trying to move it to my new motherboard which is a asrock b450 pro4. I created it by making a striped array in disk management.
  2. I just got a new cpu and motherboard but I have 2 500gb hdds in a striped array in windows 10. Is there any way to move it to the new computer.
  3. He said not to buy it unless you are serious about overclocking becase a 3800xt will overclock higher than a 3800x.
  4. a 3800xt should be binned higher than a 3800x so you could overclock higher if you decide to go amd.
  5. For gaming no but for productivity or other things that use more ram 32 gb is better. If you don’t need it now I would go with 2 8gb sticks so you could get 2 more later and have 32gb.
  6. If you do want to upgrade you should wait for big Navi or 3000 series gpus.
  7. If you get a cl16 kit they should all run at cl 18 because that would be the slowest timing out of the 2 kits.
  8. buy another one of the same memory kit you have and have 4 8 gb sticks. you could buy a different 16 gb kit of ram but it will run at the speed of the slowest stick so if you bought a faster kit or one with better timings it would run at the same speed of the one you have now.
  9. if you have the motherboard manual it will say there but one of those is cpu fan and the other one could be for an aio pump or a second cpu fan.
  10. I have heard about issues with it because it has a legacy bios.
  11. I know there will be a huge bottleneck with a 2070 and a fx6300 but it will just be temporary until I can afford to buy a 3600 or 3700x. I just want to know if a 2070 will even work with this motherboard. I would like to get a better graphics card before I go to Ryzen because it will make a bigger difference with my current setup than going to Ryzen.
  12. It’s the same thermal paste.
  13. If you get a new cooler something like a hyper 212 will be much better than the stock cooler and quieter.
  14. You only really need raytracing now if you want to play rtx Minecraft or something like that but for other things it doesn’t matter.
  15. A lot of the other b450 boards that are decent like a tomahawk cost more than these.