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  1. So it still works but being an old psu with outdated design should be avoided in 2020, the gtx 1650 is on sale at the store where i buy pc stuff and 580 is bit expensive compared with 1650 or even 1650 super, weird huh? anyway i'll think about it, getting a 570-580 instead gonna check amazon right now but do you think it's wise to make my 520w 7y old psu work with gtx 1650 super? what about the regular gtx1650 1 fan without 6pin connector version? why tho i mean do you think it can fail anytime soon and destroy something like the motherboard or ssd? i know it's a 7y old low tier psu but so far it's been working just fine that's why im tempted to push it further with the 1650 super (it has 2x 6+2 pin connectors) another option could be the regular, basic gtx 1650 and some EVGA 600-700 GD gold psu. CX450 is 80 bronze just like my old antec but has 70w less, is that a good thing? looks like cx450 is very popular but it can handle all my potato hardware plus gtx 1650 Super 100w gpu? im asking coz i have no idea, im a newb. Let's say for whatever reason i dont want AMD gpu, i'm a stubborn dumb newb in love with nvidia who wants gtx 1650 super running with 7y old low tier 520w psu, is that something stupid, risky, dangerous? i'll take 570,580 into consideration anyway thx
  2. Hello there this is my 1st topic in linustech forums, btw yeah i'm mexican so apologies for making your eyes bleed with such magnificent engrish. So i have this ancient Antec HCG 520w, high current gamer it's a low tier 80plus bronze psu from 2013 lol so far so good, this lil guy has been working for countless hours since 2013 it's a 7 years old psu ohh god ?? and i have absolutely no idea whatsoever if it can handle something like the GTX 1650 Super which needs 6 pin connector, more precisely the Asus TUF GTX 1650 Super 4gb gddr6 https://www.asus.com/Graphics-Cards/TUF-GTX1650S-O4G-GAMING/ My potato is very outdated but im not the kind of gamer who wants everything at 2k with ultra settings so im just fine playing at 1080p with low-mid settings and that's what i have with my current setup: Ryzen 3 1300x Gigabyte AB350 Gaming motherboard (it has some RGB build-in) EVGA GTX 750 Ti SC 16GB 2x 8gb RAM WD 3d nand blue 500gb SSD WD blue 1TB HDD DVD/RW LG drive 2x 120mm corsair led fans (each one with 4 tiny red led's) Hyper 212 evo cooler (with another 120mm fan, no leds, it's the default 212 fan) Some corsair pc case with 2x USB 3.0 ports Cheap logitech wired keyboard Logitech G203 mice with some rgb. Logitech G332 headset 27" inch 1080p LG TN monitor and sometimes, i use this Benq 24" ips 1080p as secondary monitor ( it's not connected all the time) And of course, the Antec HCG 520w 80 plus bronze PSU, so whats the problem? i really don't know if i'ts a good idea to put moar load on this PSU, GTX 750 ti takes like 65w right? The GTX 1650 super needs like 100w or something idk, the 6pin connector tells me it needs more energy and i don't wanna fry my old psu or kill anythingg there like my ssd or motherboard, Asus says it needs 350w power supply, actually it says "recommended" so maybe a 300w psu could work? lol Any good and reliable PSU Calculator websites? Can you help out me to figure how much power my current potato is eating from my Antec 520w psu? Do you think i'ts time to shutdown and retire the 520w 7y old psu? anyway i could get the Asus Phoenix gtx 1650 single fan no 6pin connector and still would be a nice upgrade from my old gtx 750ti and maybe get 10-15 more fps? the reason why i want the Super edition i'ts because many websites say it has 50% more (something like that) performance compared with basic gtx 1650 hmm... sounds like marketing yadayada but can't be sure im a clueless lazy noob, thx in advance have a nice day guys ?