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  1. I’ve tried with many applications and trying to reinstall them but they just wouldnt install and sometimes I will get a message saying I don’t have permissions to install even though I have non set
  2. So nothing will download or update on steam, epic games and Microsoft store even though I have sufficient internet and storage it just says can’t install ok I will try reinstalling windows
  3. So, my pc won’t update or download anything and I’ve still got 1tb of storage 300gbs Ethernet. I am admin on my pc and have other accounts that have this error. I need it desperately fixed. specs: i7 950 not OC’ed Gigabyte ga-x58-ud3r I believe it is gt 1030 single fan low profile 12 gigs of ram not sure what else I will need for a fix if a fix is going to cost money please keep it under $200 as this is my family‘s pc
  4. I’ve done erase arch and the 990x can support a 1650 super fine
  5. I was going to upgrade the cpu to a 990x sorry I didn’t say that
  6. I’ve got a i7 950 12 gigs of ram case can support any 350mm gpu and below we’d to upgrade my psu so I won’t bother with that I’m not too sure on the mobo it’s from gigabyte iam going to upgrade all this sooner I case of bottlenecks
  7. So currently I have a GT 1030 silent and wanted to upgrade. I want to spend about $200-$350 (AUD) on a GPU to play 1080p almost max settings. I want to stream and if that means dropping some settings I am fine with that.
  8. Idk I’ve watched many benchmarks and lists of performance and it’s achieved ultra high settings 1080p if paired with a good cpu
  9. 1440p at medium settings depending on game 1080p all high is easy for the gpu
  10. I’ve got an old pc and wanted to upgrade my cpu I know there are other CPU’s capable on the board like some Xeon and old i7 chips. Here is the problem I want to upgrade but I am on a strict budget only allowing me to upgrade cpu memory and gpu what is the most top end cpu that can be used on the board for gaming. I would like it if I can get it on amazon or newegg and I want to pair it with either a gtx 1660s or a RTX 2060 ko ultra if it’s not getting bottlenecked. What would be good memory modules to go with that chip