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  1. I ran memtest and everything was fine. Ordered a gold 750W evga PSU should be here tomorrow and I could test Pc again. This whole day today I had my pc running but didnt play anything. Just had discord on and watched some streams/videos. I didnt crash a single time hmm
  2. I did some gaming on Siege and my temps on GPU were around 50 and CPU around 60. I didnt crash this time while playing but Ive crashed many times before. Edit: Played some GTA and crashed many times. I tried changing PSU cable and change displayport cable to hdmi. Crashed both times. Temps in GTA were around 60 both cpu and gpu.
  3. Hello! I bought new parts and I've had no problems with them until one day I just started crashing. I tried changing displayport ports, updating all drivers, chipsets, even reinstalling windows completely and I'm still crashing. Out of no nowhere my monitor would turn off and say "no cable connected", the lights inside my case would stop glowing, the fans would go in turbo mode and my sound would either fully cut out or it will be the only thing working. When this happens I can only force turn off. Sometimes my PC refuses to start up afterwards, making me turn the power cable off and on for it to work. I tried running on 100hz but I was still crashing so I turned it all the way down to 60hz and limited my fps in game. I thought that fixed it but I was still crashing and this time it was even worse - my PC restarted but never turned on, my monitor was completely black and lights inside case would be off with fans going really fast. I couldn't turn my PC on afterwards, I had to leave it for a while to be able to turn it back on again. Friends suggest that my PSU is the problem but I want to consult myself with more first, that's why I'm posting here. I was able/trying to run Red Dead Redemption 2, GTA V and Rainbow Six Siege on high/max graphics with stable fps and no lag. My PC parts are: Ryzen 7 3700x RTX 2070 SUPER 16GB RAM ASUS PRIME B350-PLUS 800W Gold Cobra Power PSU (Was told this is a bad one) My Monitor is a Benq XL2411P