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  1. hi /please Help ! so I was hacked and discovered it’s probably a family member and it was done through Tmobile‘s DIGITS app . they paired up with my number to receive all of my texts and pictures etc-even tracking me through find my iPhone . I’m phone illiterate and have it narrowed down to a few people and I have about 2000 screenshots of proof but I don’t know when I’m looking at. I need somebody to answer my question to help me understand....., I had a few numbers that I called and it immediately disconnects and says ’digits Connected’...... would that mean that the Hacker has that second phone number?? I didn’t even know DIGITS existed and I found it through the past year I’ve been researching trying to discover who is doing this! They have a literally destroyed my 35 year marriage and are getting off on making me think my husband was cheating -truly have a sick mind! i knew Nothing about phones or computers a year ago and I’ve had to teach myself to try and catch this person because Apple says T-Mobile is giving them permission that I need to switch mobile carriers and Tmobile can’t seem to find anything either by monitoring my account... I personally think they just don’t give a crap and aren’t taking me seriously. I desperately want to put this to rest as it’s been a LONG 14 months of this ! id really like to start repairing my marriage and put this to rest so please please answer my question . so very much in advancethank u So very much in advance!!!