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    Meowster reacted to The Flying Sloth in Shure SM7B+ Focusrite Scarlett Solo?   
    I might suggest the UMC202HD over the solo because it has a much better headphone amplifier for a lower price but as for other gear, any stand will work, CT1 is a good call from  @Niksa, it's just as good as the Cloudlifter for a much better price. You won't be disappointed with a 7B for streaming though if you were to look to buy a mic I might instead direct you to the Aston Stealth as IMO it's more versatile than the 7B but you got it as a gift and it's still a damn good mic so don't worry about it.
    If you'd like to learn a little about studio audio gear, interfaces and such you might like to take a look at the link in my signature, I've got a fairly decent gear guide that runs through how stuff works and what you need (and a recommended gear list.)
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    Meowster reacted to startrek03 in Shure SM7B+ Focusrite Scarlett Solo?   
    I don't think so, but if the popping gets out of control, they're cheap. Even high quality ones.
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    Meowster reacted to startrek03 in Shure SM7B+ Focusrite Scarlett Solo?   
    Definitely agree on that one
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    Meowster reacted to Niksa in Shure SM7B+ Focusrite Scarlett Solo?   
    If you find your mic too silent, cheap option is CT1 from Klark Teknik. It is essentially Cloudlifter for fraction of the price. 
    K&M are great but pricey. Personally I bought K&M stand because while I was working with PA equipment long time ago K&M stands were only ones without issue and could handle misuse with ease. Maybe there are cheaper versions with comparable quality on Amazon etc. but I just bought something that I know it will work. Also price in my current country was 80ish USD, while in the US same thing is 150 USD. 
    You have some nice friends with good taste when it comes to microphones:)
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    Meowster reacted to startrek03 in Shure SM7B+ Focusrite Scarlett Solo?   
    Depends on how much money he wants to spend, I think. Especially for this purpose.
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    Meowster reacted to startrek03 in Shure SM7B+ Focusrite Scarlett Solo?   
    First of all, congrats to this nice microphone. Afaik, the Scarlett is a pretty good entry interface. Some would say, it is underpowered for an SM7B, and that might be true but I think it should serve you quite well for this purpose. You could always spend more money, if you really want to. What you definitely need, though, is some sort of stand for your mic and a cable to connect the interface and the microphone.
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    Meowster reacted to Tigerleon in Shure SM7B+ Focusrite Scarlett Solo?   
    If I were you I would get a better interface. I agree to @startrek03 that it is underpowering it.
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    Meowster got a reaction from Pascal... in Show off your latest purchase!   
    Cloudlifter for my new pride and joy! My Shure SM7B
    On its way, it should be here tomorrow!! Excited
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    Meowster reacted to Dravinian in Why are Mods making this forum Ask Jeeves?   
    This forum isn't so much a community of people who are together to have a laugh, chew the fat, feel like a part of something...but more a place where you can ask and answer questions, and read some tech news.
    Everything else is apparently a Status Update, which I doubt many people actually read, I am sure I will be contradicted there before the Mods shut this post too, but I haven't read any updates in the months I have been here and I doubt I ever would...why would you read what one person has to say, on a forum that is designed to engage the whole community?  That has to be the dumbest thing I have ever heard.
    Why is this place becoming Stack Overflow rather than a place where people in a community can come together to talk about stuff and have a laugh? - as long as there is some connection to technology, the fundamental base of the community.  If it isn't offensive, if it isn't divisive, then why isn't it allowed as long as it doesn't break the rules?
    That is the point of a forum, to foster a community.  It isn't meant to be a question and answer place and a news site, there are places for that.
    If it isn't a community, then I for one, don't really see any point to it.  It seems like a lot of effort spent on not creating something.
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    Meowster reacted to artuc in watts   
    Yep to expand on what @jonnyGURU has stated.
    The PSU is usually specced for exactly what the system needs with no allowance for upgrade to more power hungry parts. Often they don't have extra PSU connectors for say going from a slot powered GPU to PCIe connector powered card, even things like they may not have an extra SATA connector for another HDD.
    The boards often do not have wide compatibility of parts and do not have the customisation and tweaking of a retail motherboard.
    Some GPUs are flat out incompatible or need a BIOS update.
    RAM can be not compatible.
    It only gets worse over time as they won't bother releasing updates and fixes for long obsolete parts and it becomes harder to find the parts that are compatible.
    The less drastic a change the more likely it is to be possible, but they just don't have the flexibility and upgradeability of a custom build.
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    Meowster reacted to jonnyGURU in watts   
    All cheap builds say you should?
    I don't even know what that means.
    In most cases, with those pre-builds, you end up with proprietary motherboards, case, power supply.
    When you buy one and attempt to upgrade it, you end up spending more money trying to upgrade one than you do building one from scratch.
    Many Dell, HP and Lenovo systems are INTENTIONALLY built to not be upgraded so you have to throw it out and buy another.  It's called planned obsolescence.
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    Meowster reacted to PiKiTiN_23 in watts   
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    Meowster reacted to zeusthemoose in watts   
    Even if it is enough wattage, I would replace it. The psus that are in those prebuilts are absolute trash.
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    Meowster reacted to Anonymous015 in watts   
    PSU is 240w according to google,
    you are very close on the margin, my advice is to upgrade

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    Meowster reacted to Skiiwee29 in MOTHERBOARD ON FIRE?!!   
    shes Doneski's fam... time to RMA the motherboard and hope the GPU isnt dead. 
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    Meowster reacted to Benji in Why do Audio CDs have a date of 1.01.1995?   
    The .cda files are, according to Wikipedia, Microsofts "file associaction type" for the Red Book standard (the coloured "books" being different playable media types on CDs, "red" being the standard CD-DA audio CD), it is 44 Bytes in size and the files contain different information like the track length in minutes, range position on the CD and so on. Basically the "file" is a quick read-out of different tracks of the CD that reports where it is on the CD and reports the length of the tracks, position on the medium and track number to the corresponding media player to create an overview.
    It was apparently introduced in Windows 95, so maybe that's where the 01.01.1995 comes into place. Kind of a placeholder date like the 01.01.1970 on several systems (like Android smartphones) that don't have any BIOS or device timer and never synced their time by whatever means.
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    Meowster reacted to RejZoR in Why do Audio CDs have a date of 1.01.1995?   
    I can't say about the date, but the 1KB in size is just how Windows sees the audio tracks. Those "files" are actually just shortcuts to the physical audio tracks on the CD. If you copy them to HDD they'll only work if you have CD in the drive. And they are always 1KB (or around that) in size like regular shortcuts.
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    Meowster got a reaction from Bombastinator in PC randomly turns on and off   
    Found the issue: The HDD PCB was shorting to the metal case of the HDD, don't know how that was possible but somehow it was enough to kill the system. Its an old Quantum Fireball 40GB Drive
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    Meowster reacted to LinusTech in Tech tattoo   
    Lttstore.com tattoo (Y) 
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    Meowster reacted to Donut417 in Question about iPhone   
    What an idiot. Who sells a phone or computer and leaves all of their data on it? No wonder fraud is a problem. 
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    Meowster reacted to dalekphalm in Question about iPhone   
    If you bought this on eBay, open a case immediately and request a refund. 
    Get yourself a different one (even if you choose the same model again). 
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    Meowster reacted to Ashley xD in US Considering Banning TikTok   
    so wait hold up, they wanna ban chinese apps because of data concerns, but they also want a law that bans the use of encryption? or at least gives them a backdoor into anything? hold up. 
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    Meowster got a reaction from handymanshandle in Show off your latest purchase!   
    PS2 AV Cable and a PS3 Phat 80GB 
    To finish off my collection
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    Meowster reacted to M1RR0RED in Thread for Linus Tech Tips Video Suggestions   
    LTT should do a video on the most comfortable desktop setup (including desk, chair, and monitor). What I mean by this is not just super comfortable peripherals but software and hardware. The type of person that the build should be for is someone who works long hard days that when comes home just wants to either relax with a movie, music, video games, or whatever else. The software part should be things so that said person doesn't have to worry about viruses, makes it so that they can use multi forms of media in one place, and anything else that make the setup effortless to use.
    If anyone has any ideas to add post them below and also like this if you think this is a good idea.
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    Meowster reacted to Retorak in Thread for Linus Tech Tips Video Suggestions   
    Since all the debate about article 13 in the eu is making vpn services important for eu citizens because of  the fear of geo blocking,
    how about a video of "How to set up your own private VPN on a server you rent somewhere in the world"?
    Perhaps that's something Anthony could help with! Could be fun and informative.