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    I like helping people when it comes to tech
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    AMD FX 8320- 3.50GHz
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    Windows 10 Pro + Linux Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
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    Mid 2015 Macbook - Core M-5Y51 CPU

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  1. PS2 AV Cable and a PS3 Phat 80GB To finish off my collection
  2. Wow I just got such a flashback to when I was 5 in 1998,

    I just found my old laptop I used to take to school, its an IBM ThinkPad 380ED

    Here are the specs of it: Intel Pentium 166MHz MMX CPU, 16MB RAM, and a 2.1GB HDD hahaha thats so small

    It literally hasn't been turned on since probably the early 2000's 

    The battery still holds a charge for 20-35 minutes (not bad actually for a 22 year old battery) 

    Gotta love that Windows 95 startup sound tho

  3. I was thinking, is it possible to mod an xbox 360 kinect to work with an external 12V supply? I have an old xbox 360 that doesn't have the special kinect port. And aslso, is it possible to mod it to usb?

  4. Is Steam down? My PC says it can't connect to the Steam Network and so does my friend's

    Is anyone also experiencing this issue?


    1. minibois
    2. Meowster


      @minibois Huh, strange. I live in the UK and it still doesn't connect. I hope they resolve this issue as my favourite game needs an update :)

    3. Skiiwee29


      I had some problems logging in this morning myself, but it fixed itself or a reboot of my PC fixed it as I could then login after a reboot. 

  5. I got a new motherboard for my PC but for some reason it won't post with my GPU. I have an EVGA GeForce GTX 1650 but the board won't post with it installed. However, when I install my Radeon VII, it works perfectly fine. I borrowed an RTX 2080 from a friend and guess what, it doesn't post. I have also tried an old Radeon HD 6670 and it also POSTed. It appears that the board won't work with NVIDIA cards. Can someone help me resolve this issue? I would be very grateful for any help.
  6. OMG


    Just realised that my Birthday on the LTT forum is incorrect...

    It should be 1993 not 1983

    Can I change it somehow?

    EDIT: Figured it out now

    1. lewdicrous



      Can I change it somehow?


  7. Still quite sad about my TV dying


    Can someone please recommend a good TV up to £550 ($679)



  8. My TV just died on me after 14 years of serving, we have watched over 24,000 shows together including all of the Friday Night Dinner seasons. I guess it had a good life.



    1. wANKER


      Shit on it. 


      What a shame. 

  9. @xg32 Thanks for your help, I honestly had no idea of the price of it.
  10. I have upgraded my EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB to an ASUS GeForce GTX 1660. I will be selling my old 1060 but I don't really know what price I should put it up for. It looks like new, literally no damage and the EVGA logo still has the original protective film on it. Sadly I don't have any box for it. Can someone tell me the sell value of it please?
  11. So basically I got an email from my boss saying that we are upgrading the workstations at work and long story short, he wants me to choose them for him. He isn't really tech minded like I am and doesn't know much about PCs. We currently have HP xw8600 ones at work and they still get the job done but are aging quite a bit. We need to buy some new ones. Here are the specs of them (all of them have same specs) 2x Intel Xeon E5240 @3.00GHz 32GB DDR2 RAM 3x WD Enterprise Class 4TB SATA HDD 2x NVIDIA Quadro FX 5600 We use them for architect work (SketchUp, Adobe Photoshop, sometimes blender) I use my one to collect all employees work and then send it to my boss, my one has a slightly different config (I only have one NVIDIA Quadro FX 5600) Would anyone like to make any suggestions as what machines we should buy? There is no budget but my boss doesn't want any custom built PCs Thanks
  12. @hishnash I use the iMac Pro for some sort of heavy photo editing (I'm a photographer) and at work, I use it to manage and share my work with staff (I work for a local architect business) and we use a lot of SketchUp to design buildings
  13. If Apple switches to ARM based CPUs, I'm switching to Windows fully, I use an iMac Pro for work, its not that good in my opinion and switching to ARM CPUs might even make it a bit worse in my opinion
  14. @kelvinhall05 Unfortunately, it is still sitting on the splash screen. I think that you are right - the storage probably died. I don't think there is any chance of getting data from it.
  15. My phone started acting weird yesterday, it would do random reboots, apps kept crashing and now my phone won't turn on at all. It just stays on the splash screen for hours and does nothing. It sometimes shuts off after 4 hours and then it does charge, can someone please help me? I have all my data on it and need to get it off as fast as possible