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  1. I was about to try the debloating idea, before a friend of mine also said "this one time, this app called seguarzo antivirus randomly popped up on my pc. It took up like 50% of my RAM and I don't even remember installing it". He randomly tossed it out there, and turns out I had the exact same problem. I deleted the software (which I'm probably gonna call a virus to be honest) and my pc returned to normal. Thanks to everyone who reached out a hand and suggested fixes. Turns out it was an old fashioned virus in disguise . Hope you all have a nice day For anyone coming to this topic, this answer may not work for you. Please read through the other possible answers suggested by the lovely people here at LTT. It's a great community (unironically of course).
  2. I reinstalled all known drivers and the leak persists. No luck there, damn.
  3. I feel like i'm literally talking to myself here xD. I realised that since I've upgraded to a new ssd, maybe my pc simply can't locate the drivers for all my hardware. I'm going through them now. I'll report back when I'm done.
  4. That may be that you simply have more apps open on idle. prior to (what I believe is) the memory leak, my pc would idle on 3.0 to 3.6 GB
  5. You were probably right. So far the memory usage hasn't been going up after I reinstalled my wifi drivers (for the Gigabyte WB1733 wireless network card and antenna). I'll report your solution solved if the problem doesn't return within 3 days
  6. Hello all! I'm relatively new to LTT website and actually signed up for this reason.... I'm having a problem with my windows 10 pc. Even when my pc is on idle, my RAM usage seems to be gradually increasing over time. I found it out after I was playing League of Legends only to find the game constantly crashing after 1 game. I rebooted my pc to alleviate it and it worked, I assumed I just needed more RAM and hopped on roblox, which I assumed doesn't use much RAM, only to find the same problem. After trying overwatch, an error finally came up saying the RAM was full. I couldn't find any real answers online and after investigating myself, I found that the increased usage was gradual and mainly on svc host.exe processes. I don't want to reboot my pc every hour and constantly be at risk of my pc crashing. Please help... I've attached 6 photos documenting the increase of my pc's memory usage over time. The second sc (middle memory usage) was taken within 23 minutes of the 1st screenshot (lowest, around 4 gb). With the highest taken 10 minutes after the second. I humbly await any response My pc specs are: AMD Ryzen 5 1600X@3.6GHz Viper Blackout series DDR4 RAM@3000 MHz nvidia GTX 660 500GB HDD, 1TB HDD and 240GB ssd Microsoft windows 10