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  1. I'm going to add this ONLY happens when a path on the share is mapped in windows... If I disconnect the mapped drive so the drive no longer shows as a mapped path everything starts working again. Even the the UNC path that didn't work before right after it was failing it will work after disconnecting the mapped drive.
  2. * I dont use a VPN * Synology box is set to SMB2 not SMB3 so SMB Direct should have no consequences of being off... however it is enabled on all my windows 10 systems * Yes my systems are on the private network settings * Network share being enabled doesn't make a difference my client are not the shares the synology box is, however network discovery is turned on and sharing is turned off on the clients * Synology auto updates to the latest releases automatically, and there are currently no updates available that are not installed * Workgroup name is already workgroup on every device in my network including the synology box, WS-Discorvery was already enabled as was bonjour already also * SMB min version is SMB2 max version is SMB3 but like I said above it works one time, on the next reboot it will not reconnect unless I use the opposite path if I use UNC first on reboot UNC wont work only IP will and vice versa.. when this happens though I can get to the box's web interface just fine on the method that doesn't work with the mapping. This same thing happens on anonymous authentication shares also so it's also not a password / user issue
  3. This is an odd one. I have a Synology DS1517+ on my network with the IP and the host name DS1517. When I'm on any of the windows systems in my network I can go to \\ds1517 and browse the shares like you should be able to. What happens though is if I map a drive on any of these systems then restart and come back that mapped drive will not resolve correctly. It will ask me for the user / pass, I will enter it then it will give me an error message saying it cant map the drive. If I browse to at this point \\ds1517 it will not work, I can ping the host name fine, but windows will not open that UNC path. If I go to the IP \\\ it works fine.... Remap the drive to a drive letter and reboot.. Now it's the same issue but with the IP, the mapped IP drive will not work but the host name path will... I have no clue what is going on with this. I can not consistently map a network path to a drive without it causing this behavior on any of my systems... I've been seeing this at least since 1703 and still am in 2004. Not sure if it's somehow my network setup, DNS is handled by a Microtik Routerboard router, I changed to a Pi hole server handling local DNS and it seemed to get a little better (not failing every time i remapped on the next reboot but maybe every few) but then it started again. Edit: the Windows error I'm getting is
  4. Got two cards based off the Aquantia chipset. we will see how they perform
  5. it's all structured wiring in wall that is not easily replaceable without cutting out a lot of drywall including a dry-walled ceiling in the basement that it runs through
  6. Because I have systems that are still on cat5e, and N-Base can support 2.5GbE over cat5e fine, and even 5Gbit with little issue at short distances
  7. Recommendations for multi-gig cars that are either 4 or 5 speed cards? What chip sets are good and are there any to avoid? I'm looking for recommendations that would work with windows 10 systems mainly