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  1. Easy! Pull up their stats, post both side-by-side, add "no comment" (or better perhaps "no contest") and the OP of this thread and have them frustrated as h3ll!
  2. This reply tells a lot more about you then any of the ones you quoted about us. Bye now, and enjoy the remainder of what for your sake would be a corona-free weekend
  3. No you aren't. It's just that the stats pages can't keep up as we're choking the servers ATM. And by choking I really mean squeezing every last WU out of them as soon as they come available In fact, it's the re-occurring theme here and if you'd paid a little more attention here you'd have known this is still a major issue
  4. You should notify them (preferably in writing!) that they need to secure their data off the device as you're going to upgrade it and the process will destroy their data. It's then their responsibility these files are saved before you commence the upgrade. Give them a reasonable time-frame, like a week or perhaps 2, but emphasize the upgrade cannot be delayed.
  5. Yeah, forgot to tell you: the server room called, they make a point for you to clear out your backlog, it's kinda full now
  6. You don't have to: it's about the data on them. Copy everything to a separate (external?) drive (make sure it's big enough!) then replace the card and re-purpose the array. Mind, you couldn't copy/image the raid-drives anyway, due to the way the raid-card stores data on the disks. This also means you'd have to build a new RAID with the OS in charge instead of the (missing) raid-card. This essentially wipes the re-used drives from the array. Copy your data back and you're done.
  7. From what I understand, this is actually a community/village/neighbourhood where Linus used to live in the greater Vancouver area. As for any other names: I haven't got the foggiest and frankly, it's not my problem! PS: step 3 was actually: "Sweep all tiles back into the box and see which are missing, then throw those in an anagram-machine"
  8. +1 on getting yourself a true backup solution. One suggestion is to purchase a Storinator (from these guys), copy everything over locally then head off with the device to a local data centre which offers co-location. Takes a day or so for it to get 'live' but then you can access it remotely via the internet. (VPN, so secure) Not cheap but if you're willing to drop 20k for a home theatre the cost of having piece of mind about a true backup for your data is probably priceless Just me tuppence!
  9. Yeah, like 100 pages back And various ppl have reported they've actually received WUs from the LTT server. I'm still awaiting the video Linus promised over a week ago on this subject. :annoyed-fingertapping:
  10. Did anyone successfully get an older pre-Zen AMD APU to work on Linux with the GPU part as well as the CPU? Currently only the CPU is crunching but I'd like to get the GPU working as well. TIA!
  11. Wooot!! Passed 50k points today! https://stats.foldingathome.org/donor/Dutch_Master Got a huge 48hr CPU WU 2 days ago and it finished about 5hrs ago (netting me some 13k points), now chewing on another 10hr one (and about halfway) The current one is Project 13850, but can't recall the big one and I don't have an Advanced client (only the basic one). Mind, this is on an ancient AMD A8-3870 APU (headless, Devuan Linux, 32GB RAM, no graphics drivers installed)
  12. Yes, very generous by all donors, but could someone put that in perspective to a non-gamer perhaps? (Yes, we exist and NO, we are most definitely NOT a minority! ) *dons tin hat
  13. It's always morning somewhere. But not necessarily where you are As a former military-guy I prefer the 24hr clock, because there's plenty of places where 3AM and 3PM don't differ that much (or at all) in certain conditions
  14. Dunno'bout yours, but my stats page at EOC also has a counter (top-left!) and going from that the next run will be at 1AM Amsterdam time, which is midnight in London. Which is not even half an hour from now.