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  1. Also, anyone know how to combine drives with primocache? If this is possible, primocache could be used as the combination program.
  2. If it helps clarify things for anyone, the "Compilation Program" Is what I need to find.
  3. I have primocache installed and am currently figuring out how to use it, so that is why I have not mentioned it specifically (I tried StoreMi first and it didn't work due to the 2 drive limitation.) Thanks for the heads up though!
  4. Hi, is there any way to make a StoreMI array with more than 2 drives? if not, is there any software that can do this? I have a variety of drives of many different speeds and sizes (1 HDD, a bunch of SATA SSDs and 2 NVME SSDs), and would like to virtually combine them. Raid will not work because of the sizes. Any ideas or help will be appreciated. Below you will find a picture of my current drive setup in disk manager. Disk 0 is my most recent NVME SSD (just installed a few minutes ago,) so that is why it is unallocated.