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  1. I just built my first pc and everything is working, but I can’t connect to WiFi. I have my antenna connected but it only shows up as Ethernet is the only option. Please help!
  2. No, I’m finalizing the parts. If you’re talking about the case then yes
  3. I was using pcpartpicker and I saw one section that called for a sound card. I was wondering I’m my pc would need one or if it would be built in. This is the pc in question.
  4. I was using pcpartpicker to see if all of my parts would work with each other and I saw a section for wireless adapters. I was wondering if I needed one for my pc? This is my part list for those wondering.
  5. Do you think it would work with this case?
  6. I’ve been wanting to build a computer for a while now and I finally have enough money to build one. I recently was looking at GPUs and so one that I like, but it’s a little bit to big. My case says that the max gpu length is 320mm, but the gpu I’m looking at is a little under 327mm. Is this too much of a problem or will it be relatively fine? This is the gpu in question.