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  1. Sorry for the double post, but, any other opinion?
  2. There is RPCS3, but I think it is limited to 8 threads, so not that better.
  3. In my country it does sell, at almost the same price of a 3400G. Dual channel really does make a difference in zen+/2? Because of the single thread performance in the 3000 series, would be better for emulators.
  4. Brazil. Seriously? Being 6/12 i'd think the 1600AF would be better in multithreaded tasks
  5. Hi guys, I'm now with a laptop with an i5-8250U and a MX150, who sadly can't drive my monitor (a LG, 2560x1080p), it barely can run Nier: Automata, doing 45fps at low, 1366x768. So, I'm thinking of finally building a desktop. My objective with it is simply gaming (at medium-high settings, 2560x1080, 45-60 FPS), and emulation: RPCS3, PCSX2, CEMU, and in the future Yuzu and Orbital. my questions are: I'm in doubt about the gpu: should I get a RX 570 or a 580? 4GB of vram would suffice? (the GTX 1660 is out of question in my country) What cpu should I aim for: Ryzen 5 1600 AF or the 3500? Thinking that the 3500 is costlier but would be better for emulation That's about it, thanks for all the help PS: my plans (if going max cost with a RX 580 8GB and the 3500) would be to stay with it for at least 3 years without upgrading, if going cheaper I'd upgrade it in 1-2 years