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  1. So i was wondering if 4GB would be enough for 580 in 2020 should i go for 8GB version? or choose another card like 1660?
  2. Yeah, maybe i stick my nose around. Thanks for the info. No,2600 in here was 140$ so we're talking like 135$ for Ryzen 1600. Really man, the pricing sucks in here
  3. So yeah, this is pretty bizarre. the current market for my hardware is less that 100$, yes that include the i5 4440, H97, H40 and 8GB. to be exact about the price is around 80$ The reason why this is going downhill its because the majority of Indonesian people use laptop than a Desktop PC, Meaning the market price for laptop is higher. And if im going to sell all the parts, let just say i got 50% less from what i've imagined about the price
  4. The difference between 1600 and 2600 its literally 5$. which is great but then again it gonna cost a lot more to upgrade I've been thinking about buying used part.but as far as i concern Indonesian people are pretty unaware about their hardware. So i wouldn't gamble much on buying used part Indonesia Its still doing fine, but its time to upgrade because i've been keeping this processor since day 1. Right?But its not that easy to sell stuff on my country. its massive downhill, im now at the edge between spending more for modern hardware, or spending less for an okay hardware. Besides, the majority of my pc was just playing some games. But for video editing its not always
  5. 1060 and 60hz IPS AOC Monitor Well i was thinking exactly like that, but my point is that i have to save a lot as possible for a performance that was worth it for at least 3 or more years The majority of the pc that im currently using its just to game, but for a video editing is still a thing, not a must
  6. Mostly gaming but light video editing is a thing for me aswell, but probaly i use it for gaming more often So im fine aslong i have a crystal ball Thank you both of you, really help me a lot
  7. So just as the title said, i've never been confused about pc until now Basically i want to save a lot more money to upgrade, the only problem here was it worth it? also this is for future proof ,let say 3 more years. I originally going upgrade to Ryzen 2000 series platform, specifically 2600 but with that ,its gonna cost me a lot more meaning i have to buy a new ram and motherboard You name the price, but i've found i7 4790 for about 140$ (in my country) is it a good deal should i take it? and is it future proof for about 3 or more years? One more thing, Im currently running 8GB DDR3 1600mhz and planning to increase it to 16GB DDR3 Here's my current Spec: i5 4440 3.1Ghz Gigabyte H97 Gaming-3 8GB DDR3 1600Mhz Gskill Sniper Corsair H40 (yeah i know, just go with it) 520W 80+ Bronze Seasonic SSD and Harddrive NZXT H440 The 2000 Ryzen upgrade Ryzen 2600 B450M Gaming-3 16GB DDR4 3000Mhz Gskill Ripjaw V Let me know what you guys think...