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  1. Look, I did a little research and it took me roughly 2minutes. The Razer employee even got the name wrong and wasn't able to identify the mouse. Again, it took me 2minutes to figure out the name (just by comparing the shape of the mouse) and write a mail to order@com-tra.de (who hopefully have some replacementpads). I am not going to buy a new mouse because of worn out pads, there is no potential sale for a new mouse. As a techsavy guy It simply makes me angry and throws a bad light at the company (similar to the Applerepairprogram and planned obsolescence)
  2. Hey guys, I am a little angry because Razer (Germany) could not even tell what kind of Mouse I have, and they have no replacement pads. Do you know what kind of mouse I have? Quote from Razer: