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  1. Hi everyone, i bought a new 500w power supply from Be Quiet! This seems to have solved the issue, Thanks to you all for the replies. J
  2. Hi all, I recently reset my windows 10 and wiped everything. My computer still crashes so it must be a hardware issue. I will be ordering a new PSU with a higher wattage of amazon today. ( now i can finally get rid of those ugly red-yellow cables ) the estimated power draw of my system is at around 326watts (pcpartpicker) so do i really need more than 550w? Thanks for all the replies and i will keep this thread updated. EDIT: could this also be a ram issue? my ram is slow at 2133MHz (no overclock)
  3. All the rails seem to be correct. My computer still crashes and nothing has worked so far if anyone else has suggestions i'd love to head it Thanks
  4. Hi there, Thanks for your reply. i did not find any files in that folder i tried everything you said i am currently waiting for a crash again Thanks for your help
  5. Hello everyone! before you read this post i would like to apologise because english is not my first language. I have a problem with my pc, for some reason my pc keeps crashing and rebooting. Before re-installing windows i'd like to ask you guys for any help before i need to download everything again. While writing this post my system crashed 2 times but luckily this site is awesome and it saved it for me. I build this system myself 3-4 years ago and i upgraded to a new gpu about 1.5 years ago and i upgraded to a new cpu, motherboard and case about 7 months ago. The crash happens at random it does not matter what i am doing at the time, i can be using photoshop, watching a youtube video or playing a game it does not seem to matter The computer just gives a black screen and starts itself again it does a reboot but without the windows reboot screen and warnings. Sometimes it just freezes too and i need to manualy reboot it Im running Windows 10 64 Bits with this hardware: all components are at stock speeds and have not been modified execept the case. AMD Ryzen 7 2700 Stock AMD Cooler Gigabyte B450 I AORUS PRO WIFI Mini ITX AM4 Motherboard Crucial 16Gb 2133 DDR4 (No heatsink just bare green pcb) Hitachi 1TB HDD (not sure about speeds because its 4 years old now) Kingston 125gb ssd x2 ( not sure about the type) MSI Armor RX 580 8G 550W Power supply (Not sure about the brand too because well its 4 years old and i got it from a friend at the time it was brand new) NZXT H200 + 2 case fans I think the problem is with the PSU but i am not sure about that. I did not have this problem until about 3 weeks ago, i did not make any upgrades to the system or even touched it in that 3 weeks at all i hope someone can help me out with this. Thank you - Justin