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  1. Holiday return policy - Nov 1st thru Jan 31st. Not going to lie, as far as amazon is concerned all I need to do is slap that return slip on the package, no reason needed. I dont like doing this and I also wouldnt call it a perfectly good card. I mean it runs well for the most part but still a long way to go (drivers-wise).
  2. Yeah I think imma hung that 760 for the time being. Once the new stuff comes out I'll game on.
  3. Yeah Im kinda conflicted. sometimes I even think about getting a 580/590X to hold off till then too.. idk lol fudge
  4. I see. Well since the screen would be HDMI 2.1, I kinda need to wait for a GPU with said tech in it, which is rumored to be soon since TVs and PS5 are coming out this year. So even the 2080ti wouldn't be fully used to its capabilities.
  5. Hey guys, So I've had this 5700XT for a little over 2 months and I can still return it till the 31st. My question is, since I'm waiting on the new LG48CX monitor/TV should I take advantage and return this 5700XT and get a cheaper card to hold off till then or even use an old GTX 760 I have laying around (LOL) till new GPUs hit the market? Im aware of the power difference but I'm ok with that for a little bit since lately I've been busy with studies, so I mainly need this machine (for now) to handle my semi-heavy browsing and whatnot. Specs: ryzen 7 3800x (got it for the price of 3700x) 16gb of ram (3200 CL 16) Gigabyte X570 AORUS RX 5700XT Nitro+
  6. Well, I was thinking the 49" + the TV above it. As of now, im using a 55" TV because i returned the other ones. but soon I'll be moving my setup to another room but the TV I currently use is not coming. So right now I really only got my 24" as a monitor.
  7. Which tv? And I'll be browsing and looking at it for good 2-4hours every day while trading
  8. Hey all, So I have a new dilemma going on. My current setup consists of a ryzen 5 3800x (no, I got it for the price of 3700x), ex 5700 xt, 16gb ram. And I used to have 3 27"s aand a 24" tilted down from the middle. Recently I wanted to change that for bigger monitors. I tried 32", 34" UW, and then a 49". I returned all of them but I really liked the 49" as I'm waiting for my refund to hit my amazon account to get the Samsung one (had a viotek but it had some sort of static noise when on) - just dont know if the extra 350+ is worth for 1440p. The viotek was just fine for me. Anyhow, now that I settled on the 49", i was gonna stack 2 of them but then i decided the cost is just now worth it so I'd rather have a single 49" but with a TV on top. This is where the issue comes as I'm not sure what tv to get. I looked at Samsung's QN55LS03RAFXZA Frame 55-Inch QLED 4K (6ms under 1440p@120hz - rtings), and the Q80R - about the same specs. Now a couple people suggested me LG's C9 (future-proof with HDMI 2.1 etc) and others brought up the new tv/monitor LG is working on, the 48CX. I'll be using this display for well, everything except FPS games. Including trading. What do you guys recommend? Do you use a tv as a second screen? What is it and how has it been for you? Thanks. PS: I'm thinking about putting my 24" (it is a gaming monitor) on a side arm and if I need it to play fps, itll just drop from the side into the middle of my desk.