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  1. i mean , in my shoes what would be your choice , i honestly don't have any titles all I want to enjoy games at good graphics without worrying that mt card ain't future proof if that makes sense.
  2. @SupaKomputa he haid , this is my 1st build never flashed a gpu
  3. is it complicated to flash it's bios ?
  4. So as the title indicates , I'm buying a gpu from Spain , both the RTX 2060 (zotac) and rx 5600XT (sapphire) , RX5600 costs 300€ , the zotac 320€ ; which one is more future proof and better value for it's money , I really need your help any answer will be appreciated . PS: I'm having a ryzen 5 3600 on a tomahawk max board with 16gb ram .
  5. Guess I'm going 550w , can anyone else recommend any good quality 550 psu , thanks in advance!
  6. @Fasauceome i didn't even know that there is pcpartpicker es thanks my dude
  7. @Fasauceome i don't get why most of pc builds on youtube go with 750+ on a r5 3600 and 1660 super
  8. @Spotty i'm buying from https://www.amazon.es/ref=nav_logo and https://www.pccomponentes.com/
  9. @Spotty 550 might low for future upgrades could you please link me some other 650/700w PSU's that are as good as the one you just linked ? Ty.
  10. @IAcKI The vs 650w is from corsair my dude and it's 80+ bronze.
  11. So after doing some posts on facebook many people didn't recommend me using a vs650 PSU for my system , I didn't undestand why so I decided to ask you guys here after seeing a Linus vid about PSU's . So here's my system please recommend me a good psu's that will last for a while and won't ruin my system . Preferably of 100€ max. Thanks.