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  1. Thank you for your reply @TetraSky. May I ask if the inbuilt microphone is suitable for reuse? As well as the inbuilt speakers and whether the screen could be repurposed as a secondary monitor for my current laptop?
  2. Hi guys, So I was doing a little bit of digging around in my laptop graveyard and found, with a bit of nostalgia, an old Toshiba Portege M400 Tablet PC which I used in the past to play maplestory. A bit of backstory here: So I accidentally left the laptop on overnight - running maplestory when I was younger and I think I must've overheated something because I could never turn it on afterwards. The specs of the laptop are as follows: Intel Core 2 Duo T7200 - 2GHz (x2), 667MHz FSB, 4MB L2 Cache 1024 MB DDRII-533MHz SDRAM - Low cost double memory offer, call for details! 80 GB Hard Drive DVD±RW Super Multi Double Layer 12.1" WXGA TFT Screen Integrated Graphics supporting 128MB Integrated Gigabit LAN Integrated wireless 802.11 LAN - Call for advice on Wireless networking Operating System: Windows XP Tablet Edition I am unfortunately not as well versed in the realms of tech specs as I should be (despite being a computer science student) - but I assume that this is perhaps not that impressive? My question to the community however, is; is it worth me taking this laptop to a pc repair store? Or should I use it for one of my personal projects by taking it apart for parts and using the individual components? Also - are there any really good components worth keeping? For example is the inbuilt microphone and speaker any good? Thank you for your time, best wishes, Yang-Jian Zhou a tech enthusiast who has just begun learning about tech
  3. yjzhou


    Hi everyone - this is kinda my member introduction I guess? It's very nice to meet everyone - I first found Linus through his youtube videos and one of the ones I remember watching first was the video where their wives competed to build a PC. I've been binge watching Linus videos ever since and enjoy him reviewing all types of wacky and interesting new products and tech gizmos. I am a 19 year old computer science student at the University of Surrey in the UK. I'm currently suffering from severe depression and anxiety as well as chronic pain and a possible high functioning autism diagnosis. I've recently lost my accomodation, lost thousands of pounds of money (due to personal circumstances) and a lot of my friends aren't talking to me. However; I am pushing through and doing my best to get better. I think it's about time for me to finally leave my mark on this world and hopefully it will be a big postive mark. I actually would like the opportunity to have Linus mentor me and teach me about technology and provide some work for me; I have a lot of ideas and invention concepts for new gadgets and gizmos as well as ideas on how to improve and modify existing tech. Unfortunately due to my mental health I haven't been able to fully formalize or create any of these yet - but I am working my hardest on making them a reality. I've really started to push my mental health after enduring it for six years. My university course currently has a placement year; of which I was thinking about applying to Linus' company. I have already sent him a pm and an email about this and may make a post about it later. I have many interesting thoughts and ideas I want to share with the world and was thinking of becoming a youtuber to do so. I may edit this post later if this was too immature or naive or if people have feedback or want to support me somehow. I will also add a link to some of my posts in the future if that is allowed? Thank you very much everyone for reading through this. P.S Please keep a lookout for my name/user tags if you want: Yang-Jian Zhou/yjzhou/yjchess/chesscraft as I plan on creating a startup/youtube channel and making it big one day. Also as a random question: Do anyone of you here play starcraft 2? Just out of curiousity. I'd also like to add that I've already started asking some questions regarding tech and other information in other forums; I will be adding the tag yjzhou to my posts if that is allowed? Thanks everyone for reading! Would love to meet you all Posts made by me (If this is not allowed please tell me and delete it I am very sorry if I have done anything wrong): https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/1149882-smartglasses-information-wanted/
  4. Hi guys, Sorry this is my first forum post - I hope it is all in order. I know I probably should've read all the forum guidelines etc. so sorry about that (unfortunately I have depression and anxiety and right now is a bit of a stressful time (sorry for the excuse)) I'm also not that tech knowledgeable. Anyways I had a few questions about smartglasses: 1. Do smartglasses all use a computer within the device? Or do some just connect to a device via bluetooth? 2. Can you directly link your phone to the smartglass projector - or can you only send messages (i.e. notifications) etc. and does the phone have to be on (screen on) to do this? 3. Would you be able to see smaller writing or is the smartglass only good for larger notifications; i.e. could you read a pdf file? 4. Is there enough space to virtually 'split' screens? For example; could you have a video/browser open on one side and a writing application open on the other? 5. Can you link multiple devices to a smartglass? I.e. a Tap keyboard, a mouse, a keyboard and a phone? 6. How can a person create their own budget smartglass that has these 5 features? 7. How could a person then modify this device to allow the smartglass to store items such as videos etc. and allow storage devices to be plugged in? Thank you and best wishes, Yjzhou (A 19 year old computer science student (suffering from mental health issues but trying his best to finally make his mark on the world) )