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  1. just finished building my first rig, the only drive I have at the moment is a WD Blue M.2 ssd, which i installed on Sunday, but just now got a dvi cable to connect my pc to my monitor, upon booting to the bios, and getting to the windows setup, I got to the step where you choose a drive to install the os to, but windows won't show that my m.2 is there, and doesn't recognize it at all, so idk what to do. I'm downloading windows via usb drive that I downloaded from the internet, not a copy I paid for. If anyone knows how to fix this, I'd love a response.
  2. is the AF basically the same thing as a 1600 just 12 nm instead of 14?
  3. Running an rx 570 and 2200g with 8gb ram, need a case and fans that will let it run cool. mono is pwm compatible, and micro atx form factor. Would like the combination of the case and fans to be under $80, but would be fine if it went up to $100