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  1. I tried using my Vizio tv but to make sure that wasn’t it I’m gonna try plugging it into my monitor I just had to order a part to make it compatible with my monitor
  2. I’m just using the integrated gpu for now, everything on the startup is fine; fans run and all the lights that are in should be (except for the dram) but nothing is displayed, and I use the same hdmi for my laptop to project and it works fine. i don’t believe my motherboard has a post screen
  3. I just finished my first pc and I’m running into some issues that I can’t solve, even after some research. I can’t get any visuals onto my tv using an HDMI cord and my dram light is a constant yellow. Like I said it’s brand new just built so I can’t access bios or anything here are my specs i9-9900k - CPU Corsair h150i pro - CPU cooler rog strix z390-e gaming - Motherboard g. Skill trident z rgb 64g - ram corsair rmx1000 - psu Crucial ssd seagate hhd hybrid