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  1. My specifications. Motherboard - Asus tuf b450 pro gaming CPU - AMD RYZEN 5 2500 GPU - RADEON RX 570 8GB Power supply - EVGA 500W I pluged everything correctly and powered system. Drive diod blinks 2 times then stops, fans on case and cpu are still running but gpu fans stops even when the diod indicate correct connection. Monitor shows nothing. Iam not sure but can it be old bios version? Thanks for any help.
  2. No i dont have any parts yet. My budget is around 880$
  3. Iam new to this topic and i want to be sure that the build will work. Specification: Motherboard- ASUS TUF B360-PRO GAMING CPU - Intel core i5-9400F GPU - Radeon RX 570 8GB PSU - EWGA 500W RAM - Dual channel Patriot 16GB KIT DDR4 2666MHz CL19 Signature Premium SSD -Kingston A400 480GB 7mm M.2 SSD -GIGABYTE NVMe 256GB Case - Zalman S2/S3 I would appreciate any suggestion.
  4. Iam looking for wifi repeater with native PoE feature. Are there any or i just need the converters on both ends?