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  1. BrainBug

    3900x Temps

    Underclocking wouldn't sound reasonable in my case , PBO set to Auto and CPU Vcore also to auto seems to be better than disabling or messing with voltage / other settings. To be honest got better score with the settings on auto in Cinebench R20 (~7200) than with the settings and tweaks i was reading in other places where they were saying you can increase the performance up to 10% with the right settings and keep it also cool... So far it i've seen it once, the other day go up to 80 after more then one hour of CPU stres... it's kinda annoying hearing the fans going up and done all of a sudden, but after a while you get used to it.
  2. BrainBug

    3900x Temps

    Yeah , i know what you mean ewitte, but i meant regarding the spikes it does when just idling and if the voltage of 1.47 is a safe voltage? Or if i should be worried about.
  3. BrainBug

    3900x Temps

    I was thinking maybe the CPU Vcore being set on normal (was Auto previously) may have any impact on the temps ? How do you guys set up the Vcore? Manual/auto/Normal ? Also having the PBO as enabled does it bring any improvements for any of you if it's on auto ? because i haven't seen any diference in Cinebench R20 with it disabled or enabled.... Max Voltage i have seen when monitoring the CPU was somewhere around 1.47 which looks a bit to big from what i understood, maybe this is the reason it's heating so fast sometimes.
  4. BrainBug

    3900x Temps

    Then... i shouldn't worry about the sudden spikes? was running y-cruncher since ~20 mins ago, temps didn't pass 82 with load on 100% load on all cores and it seems to be stable around 67 degrees on 100% of max fan speed. Tho a weird thing is sometimes spikes up to 80 degrees and jumps back down in a mater of seconds, which takes me a bit to believe maybe there is some kind a glitch with the sensors sometimes? Because the drop is way to fast to get cooled over 10 degrees for example or in idle from 41 to 62 sometimes i see spikes for example....
  5. BrainBug

    3900x Temps

    Hey Guys, I recently made a 3900x build together with a Gigabyte x570 Elite and a Noctua NH D-15 , but it kinda bugs me when i check the temps on the CPU. In Idle is stays around 37-41 degrees (Celsius) , in load i couldn't get it past 77-78 max (for a few mins , will try for a full hour to have a more better overview on stres test temps) My curiosity is the following thing, when staying in idle, litterally not doing anything i see the temps spike from 40 to 51 degrees , the fans start running for a few sec then it cools down and repeats the same thing after like 1-2 mins. Is this Normal behaviour on this 7nm architecture? Or should i be worried / should i take down the cooler and apply the thermal paste one more time ? Thanks.
  6. Thanks for the fast reply guys, but my question was how big of a difference would it make? Can't find anywhere some comparison between 2400Mhz CL15 and 3200 CL16 on 3900x....
  7. Hey everyone, I recently aquired an AMD 3900x with an Gigabyte x570 Aorus Elite and after reading a bit it seems i may be missing out on the performance with my current Memory modules. What i currently own: HX424C15FB2K2 (HyperX Fury) CL15 2400 Mhz . After reading a bit i understood that the sweetspot for the 3000 Series from AMD would be somewhere at 3200 Mhz CL16 , so i was looking at the following Memory model CMK32GX4M2E3200C16 (Corsair Vengeance LPX) CL16 3200 Mhz. Would it make such a big difference in doing the upgrade ? From the tests i saw an improvement between 5-10% (maybe) and i'm more curious for the gaming part how much improvement could it bring ? Thanks in advance. B.