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  1. Thank you so much!!!
  2. how do you undervolt? Sorry
  3. How do you roll back drivers? Again I apologize
  4. I do appreciate the replies and attempts to help and apologize in advance for my little knowledge of the pc world.
  5. @miagisan what do you mean by memory leak? Sorry just switched over to pc about a month ago...
  6. Forgot to mention that eso only crashes with addons...
  7. Ahhh I’ll try to roll back my drivers then. And my psu is a 600watt
  8. Figured ark would be more of a resource hog...
  9. I’ve done everything that ppl are suggesting... I can play ark fine, gta and payday, but when I try to play eso it completely shuts down the system... I’m still in the return window. Thought about switching it out for the Nvidia 2070... and I get the black screen where sound still playing but no picture this thing is a nightmare!
  10. Any updates on a fix? Thing keeps crashing my pc Rx 5700 xt...