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  1. Thank you all for your kind suggestions. I am using this thread to test a series of thoughts that might help myself and others that may be traveling around the country. If I may I would like to explore another aspect in the thought experiment into the mix; As I would be traveling through many different locations with many varied signal strength of wi-fi, can I get people to explore the most common types of boosters for wi-fi at different camp grounds. The thoughts would be a signal connected to the grounds verses the options for phone boosted systems. Pros and cons that might be nice to look at as of current providers. Ie.. Wi -fi trucker antennas or the top phone providers or the subscriber assisted wi- fi boosters. Lets assume a pure sine wave converter but on the shore powered side of a ground system lets assume occasional power spikes above and below but manageable with a surge protecter.
  2. I have a thought experiment ; I live in a recreational vehical in the lower 48 states , and I was wondering if any one has thought of the computers habits of screws loosing during long travels over roads. I know that in some cases it might be a good thing to put a thread locker compound on some of the screws to stop this, but is that the only thing that could work? Another thing not directly related to the screws but with the vibration aspect. Do the computers in general have other problems have a higher chance of overheating / part faluire due to the change in weather patterns as an R.V. travels from temperate locations to more desert like locations in say a 24 hour period?
  3. I recently joined and thought I might have a possible thing to try for the show.