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  1. The only thing I'm really worried about are documents and pictures. What I'm really concerned about is making the same mistake I did last time when I re-installed windows, I wasn't even the administrator. Plus I just want to make sure that when I erase the drives for the do-over they're completely clean, I'm not even sure I have a virus, but my computer has been acting strange for a week or so and I'd rather be sure then sorry.
  2. So I've recently run into some critical errors with my computer and need to trash the whole thing and start over...with the OS and up, hardware's fine. Actually I feel like a bit of a charlatan since I have a nice computer, but if I'm gonna be honest don't really know how to run it well. Somewhere along the way its been acting nuts, I think it might have something to do with a MOD I got from curseforge for KSP of all things. To make it simple I want to whip it and reload it all and would like some insight on how this could be done, since I don't want to loose certain things obviously, I was thinking about just removing my hard drive and doing a metered transfer over to the new one, since I'm looking at switching to all M2 drives anyway. I have a 2280 in 250 gigs for my boot drive and two more slots for 22110's, though I haven't really seen any drives in that size that are worth it, or maybe make one of the 22110's the boot drive and use the 2280 slot as the big one. I wish I didn't have to do this, but with the recent problems I've been having I don't see an alternatives.