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  1. So I put it full speed after buy a psu CPUs fine now and my gpu but still not running the same FPS did increase slightly
  2. I did change the frequency of my ram but I set my bios to default settings so nothing has changed I’m not sure about ryzen master
  3. I woke up today and hopped on my pc and noticed that my pc wasn’t performing well my FPS had a massive drop on rainbow six siege I would get around 220 FPS and higher. Today I was getting 135 and lower I don’t understand what’s wrong. I did notice my processor was stuck at 2.18 ghz it’s a ryzen 7 2700x I don’t know if that’s the problem and if it is please help me fix it the temps for my cpu and gpu were around 35-37 Celsius I reinstalled Nvidia drivers nothing I did download MSU after burner and run the oc scanner don’t know if it affected it . Specs are rog strix b450 motherboard ryzen 7 2700x rog strix rtx 2080 and 16gb of trident z ram