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  1. Sorry Im not a huge tech person so Im new into this stuff, and no I havent seen any patterns
  2. I originally plugged it into the graphics card and then switched it to the motherboard.
  3. So recently I bought myself an 5700 xt, Ryzen 5 3600, 2 ddr4 G.Skill 3200, and a x570 gaming x motherboard. Today I started to assemble the pc but my monitor wasnt connecting with the pc. I swapped hmdi cables and monitors but nothing changed. I even tried running it without the gpu and ram but still remained the same.btw I have a 675 watts power supply.I asked my friends but they don't know what the issue is. So after a hour or two working on the pc I went back to microcenter with my dad to buy some extra parts since he needed some too. We bought an extra x570 steel legends mother board and a 500 watts power supply. We tried it with the new parts but still nothing new.