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  1. Hello, so I have had my PC for a while and recently I have noticed something strange. When playing games, most noticeably the new COD, my CPU is maxed out according to windows and my GPU is only at about 3% usage. By turning the settings down a little bit I can hover around 120 frames but I am just at a loss for why my GPU is not higher. The attached picture is when playing the game. Is it because windows task manager is a bad way to monitor all of this? For reference I have a 1070, an i5-7500 and 16 gb of ram. I realize that my CPU will bottleneck my GPU most of the time but is it supposed to be that bad? Is this normal? And if not is there a way to fix it? I plan on getting a new CPU in the near future but in the meantime is this just how it will be? Thank you for any help it is greatly appreciated. And just for note on the screenshot COD is above the Service Host: Superfetch using the entire rest of the CPU