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    Dell OEM OKWVT8
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    24 GIB
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    500gb 860 evo
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    212 Plus

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  1. Supermicro x10srl-f Xeon e52670v3 total 200 good deal?
  2. sorry to necro the thread but I cant find the link to this
  3. This is a old pc I repurposed. Everything seems to be enabled. I’ll remote in at lunch
  4. I thought you needed it to appear to map the network drive. I’ll try mapping it. What do you mean configure correctly?
  5. What do you mean by that? I allowed sharing without password on all networks, public and private and turned off the firewall. Very strange
  6. I had this working before on a previous system but on the new nas is not apearing on the network. Any fixes?
  7. Doesn’t windows power down drives?
  8. Probably just windows. I have used network drives before and I have made an ftp server.
  9. Ok I think I will get the 4tb iron wolf
  10. So do you think raid one is necessary?
  11. I am in the US. How good are harddrives in cold storage and what is the best option for expansion in the future? jabod?