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  1. @Dravinian Ive cleared CMOS and taken out the battery for some mins.
  2. @Dravinian Yes the water flows perfectly. Wouldnt the pc turn of if there was an overheating problem?
  3. @-rascal- Jea i did test it and it worked fine. I jsut reseated the CPU block but still the same. @Dravinian yes i pressed f1, and f2 and del. sometimes i get into the BIOS, sometimes it blacks out before. And when i get into the BIOS, it blacks out.
  4. @RadiatingLight Ah didnt think about that. what do you mean with full specs? ASUS ROG Strix X570-E Gaming Aorus RTX 2080S 4x Tridentz RGB 8GB Ryzen 9 3950X is there more you need to know?
  5. Hello Ive just finished building my new pc and ive run into some problems. Everytime i boot I come into the POST screen. Then it shows me all of my peripherals and RAM and so on and then my screens just goes black. The Display goes into idle as it doesnt detect any output. What was alredy done: -Booting withut GPU -Booting with just one RAM stick -Updating BIOS The most common code is 02 but sometimes it is A9. Specs: X570-E ROG Strix Gaming Gskill tridentZ RGB (3600) Aorus 2080S All parts are custom water cooled. Ive searched the internet but didnz find anything. Thx for a fast repsonse as im in a small time clench