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  1. Is it possible to take the game off my gaming cartridge? Specifically a Gameboy advance game? how do people get the file to put on my pc? As the emulator sites are being shut down, now a days. And also other games like ps1 games and such?
  2. I am not sure what I need, I want to start creating content for youtube and I do light gaming. I like playing fortnite, call of duty, and city skylines, which I currently play on my console. On steam I play some pretty old games, pac man/ arcade style games. and what is the price I should be shooting for as far as price?
  3. I bought I laptop 2 years ago and ready to upgrade. It isn't flashy in the slightest and I find the most annoying thing is that youtube gets stuck loading frequently, I have 150mbs internet so I don't think that is the issue, since I will be getting a new laptop what specs should I be looking at so that doesn't happen or at the very least, it happens less often.