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  1. Thank you very much, I have posted in other forums and vlo himself told me (by looking at the phison_flash_id.txt file) that the "number of defects" on my drive is already at the limit for a 240GB SSD (he refers to "Defects All (per plane) Early Later" inside the file); so I guess in the end I will hand it to the RMA Team. Still, has anyone tried Secure Erase, maybe through Linux? It is said to have worked some times, to recover an SSD in this state.
  2. Oh, thank you for the helpful tip! Have you gone through this procedure before? I did not know that you should reinitialize the firmware, I thought you would just flash the upgraded firmware onto the SSD and with fingers crossed it should restore the drive (I've just emailed Kingston Support and they indeed said "the SATAFIRM issue has been addressed via a firmware patch and all new builds now ship with this firmware"). Oh, wait, I have mentioned two possible softwares and I was thinking to try firmware flasher v2; instead you were talking about PhisonToolBox when referring to UpgradeFW_SBFM71.0. One thing I am not totally sure is if I should run s11-flasher2-toshiba.cmd or s11-flasher2-micron.cmd, I suppose it's the latter but I am not sure what is the actual version number: "run S11-flasher-toshiba.cmd or s11-flasher-micron.cmd depending on firmware version"
  3. Hello, I have a Kingston A400 240GB [SA400S37/240G, native firmware on label: SBFK71B1] with the infamous SATAFIRM S11 problem, happened last week after 1,5 years of usage. I have backups of my data, so what I am looking for is to restore the health of the drive in order to keep using it; I don't care if the data is wiped in the process: I am prepared to reinstall the OS. I have tried running repairS11 utility by vlo.name when using a SATA-to-USB adapter phison_flash_id detects PS3108 Controller so the repair utility refuses to run; when using built-in SATA port on my Laptop (AHCI mode set in BIOS) the detected Controller is PS3111, the repair utility ends correctly with a success message, but the problem remains. What else can I do? By any chance has anyone tried using PhisonToolBox v1.17 by usbdev.ru? By all means I just want to exit from 'Safe Mode' state, restore 'Ready' state of the drive and just reinstall my operating system over it, I do not care about the data because I have backups. Another user claimed he restored the same drive model using SBFKB1C3.zip (media.kingston.com) and s11-flasher 2.0 (vlo.name). Does this actually give a new life to the SSD (even if it erases the data) and will it void the remaining warranty of the unit? phison_flash_id.txt