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  1. Wow. I3 6th gen can do that? Because right now I'm using a desktop with g4560, 4 gb 2400 ram and 7200rpm hard drive and for now I'm using it for Ionic 4 dev. PC can't even run the app on web while I'm typing some code in sublime. Every key I press takes some time to register. Totally ruins the work mood. Just wanted to see my app having minimal but continuous changes
  2. Nope. I'm in the Asia region. I don't mind the weight of the laptop if it's heavy or not. Battery life maybe around 4 hrs is good for casual use and I would settle for 1080p display. Don't mind how many inches.
  3. I'm a university student and looking for a laptop just for programming (probably Android studio with phone emulation at maximum), small video/photo editing and play low setting moba games on it(like LoL, DOTA). I attached a picture on a model I'm eyeing on since that model is within budget of under $500 Can it run what I needed without a problem especially the coding one ? Thanks in advance!