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  1. Hi all and thanks in advance. TLDR new amd radeon rx 5700 xt cards crash. overall bad cards or drivers and what to do about it? So our story starts of with a friend looking to upgrade to a new gpu from a 1060 3Gb. He settles on a powercolor rx 5700xt red devil. Fast forward a week and the gpu arrives and we plop it in and install the amd drivers 20.1.2 after DDUing the old nvidia drivers with safemode. After the install of the drivers we start testing the new gpu and start experiencing crashes when starting and alt tabing from games like escape from tarkov and monster hunter world. We google for advice and stumble on a fix needing regedit and adding TdrDelay with a value of 8 to the graphics settings. This seems to work at first and the system goes from crashing on game startup and alt tabing to crashing once or twice daily. After this we try other suggested fixes like upgrading the bios to the newest version and disabling setting on the amd graphics control panel and again this seems to fix the problem but the problems persist the next day. Conclusion friend decided to RMA this one. Next up is another friend who at the same time as the first 5700 xt red devil was having problems decided to build a new computer with ryzen 5 3600, powercolor rx 5700 xt non red devil, 16gb of ram running at 3200MHz, and some gigabyte x570 mobo with a corsair RM 750W psu. after we got the system up and running everything seemed to be fine but as soon as we started the first game (battlefield 4) we got into the menu and BAM instant blackscreen with a no signal and could not get the computer to restart so had to shut it down holding the power button. Again i tried the bios update, TdrDelay, older drivers (19.12.2) and disabling amd control panel settings but still no signal and the occasional BSOD. We tried both systems with my rtx2070 and had no problems on both systems. Also after the crashes we looked at the crash dump files with who crashed and it reported driver issues as the source of the BSODs and the crashes. first system specs (the one with the red devil version) ryzen 5 2600 asrock 8450 pro4 powercolor rx 5700 xt red devil 16Gb 2200MHz cooler master 700W psu second system specs (the one with the non red devil) ryzen 5 3600 gigabyte x570 (don't remember the specific model) powercolor rx 5700 xt kingston 2x8Gb 3200MHz corsair RM 750W psu