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  1. Not the connectors, but the plastic face of the motherboard has some very mild melt marks it looks like. But it was definitely a burning plastic smell. I've been using this PC for a week now. As soon as I hooked the LED's up I noticed this.
  2. I just bought rgb strip hooked it up to the 2 rgb connectors on mobo. Smelled melted plastic and realized the connectors were melted. Wtf?
  3. No. The mini dp is a separate cable that has a different connector. I’m plugged in to regular display port.
  4. I have a Dell U2414H and have the Display Port cable hooked up to my GPU. I fought with this thing for 2 days trying to get it to work because I had an error message saying I had no Display Port Cable. Just by accident I changed the option on the monitor itself to the "Mini Display Port" option. It works now. I don't have the Mini Display port cable plugged in. Just the regular one. Also, the display looks really dark but bright when I play games on it. Should I mess with the brightness settings? They are already up to 75.
  5. Omg thanks for all your help!!! Much appreciated. Why is it working on Mini DisplayPort setting on monitor when I don’t have Mini DisplayPort cable plugged in but the regular one?
  6. I’m in the bios and have windows in the optical drive. Now how do I load windows?
  7. Oh shit!!!! I’m in the bios!!! But I have display port cable in but monitor set on Mini DisplayPort. Wtf?? another question. I got windows on cd but ha
  8. So the yellow light is gone. Should the light be green?
  9. Also, the yellow light is gone. Should it be green? And should there be a sound when you turn on pc? I don’t have any beep. Does the beep come from out of monitor speakers! Thanks
  10. I don’t know if this is anything, but what are periphery connections for on psu! I have nothing connected there
  11. Sorry which slots are a2 and b2 again?
  12. Ok this gives me hope. Thank you so much. My frustration level is going to have me chuck this thing out my apartment window lol
  13. Maybe I should try this. What is the difference between mini and regular display port