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  1. So I haven't done any BIOS updates since launch. Just updated it tho. The guy on Reddit mentioned that memtest may not be the most reliable for DDR4 and that if it really is faulty RAM, the errors may not occur frequently enough for memtest to come back with errors. I hope updating the BIOS fixed it, but I guess I won't know until another BSOD happens. If it does, I'll come back and bump.
  2. Sorry I should clarify. The build is actually new. I didn't plan on getting Zen 2 until a friend of mine recommended that I wait for it to come out. At that point, I was planning to build with Intel so I had some brand new parts already bought (including the RAM), but didn't actually build until a month or so later when Ryzen 3000 finally launched, so windows is actually a fresh install. Basically parts are all relatively new, and this computer has only seen AMD. As for the clear CMOS, I've done it a few times before. I don't really mess with anything in the BIOS since I just let PBO do its thing. The only things I really change are my fan curves and enable virtualization for an Android emulator.
  3. Hi all, first post here. I'm copying basically what I wrote on r/techsupport: Built a new pc in Summer of last year with Ryzen 3000. Didn't have any real problems till about a month later when computer started freezing up randomly (my display would freeze and the last sound played would be repeat constantly). I chalked it up to an overclocking issue with PBO or something and didn't think much of it as I thought it was just faulty drivers for the new launch. Then in December I got my first BSOD; up to today, I've had a total of 5 BSODs with two of them being yesterday and today. They always have different stopcodes like IRQL not less or equal or something to do with ntfs.sys and happen at random times. I've tried doing a disk check and sfc scannow, and I reseated my RAM and ran memtest86 overnight. disk check and sfc scannow didn't show anything abnormal, and 4 passes of memtest86 returned no errors. I'm starting to get worried as two consecutive days with a BSOD is a first for me. However, at this point, I'm at a loss as to what could be the cause of the issue. Can someone please help? Here are my system specs: http://speccy.piriform.com/results/K7u2WNIgZghEFi6tSS2N0U2 Here are the dump files: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/dvqrw2ui1ohkh37/AAAdKqdr3hX4fMVmfrJLHPyOa?dl=0 Someone on Reddit said that he would attribute the issues to faulty RAM since the errors are so irregular and infrequent (although it seems to be happening more frequently). If anyone could offer a second opinion that'd be much appreciated; I'd like to know if it's reasonably certain to be a bad RAM issue so I can get new modules, or at least the course of action I should take. Thanks! Edit: SO, as I was writing this a sixth BSOD occurred with error: SYSTEM THREAD EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED. I uploaded that dump file in the dropbox link as well.