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  1. Okay, that might explain the behaviour but it does beg the question: why am I then able to get it to stay at 20% sometimes until I restart the computer/afterburner or simple turn off/on custom curve? If 30% is truly factory set lowest stable RPM that's by all means ridiculous.. unless they are covering for some design flaws that way I guess.
  2. Hello! I recently bought Gigabyte 2070 Super Gaming OC and when trying to set up a custom fan curve I've got some strange behaviour happening where fans won't spin properly if I try to set them to a lower constant speed. Example: Having fan speed set to 20% starting at 50C the fans will be turning on and back off every second. This seems to stabilize (keeps them turning) at say 33% fan speed - then if I lower the speed back down to say 22% it will keep them spinning there just fine, but a quick custom fan curve disable/enable we're back to the constant revving. Is it Afterburner conflicting with something? I installed the last version of it when I got the card. I did not have any issues whatsoever on my previous gpu (RX 480). Also the default Gigabyte's curve works just fine, no revving. Any ideas?