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  1. But I get a performance hit even when I’m not streaming or recording
  2. I decided to put my hd 7570 in my system as a encoder with a rx 470 as the main gpu but when I did this I noticed significant frame drops is it the drivers effecting cpu usage should this be happening if so does anyone know why
  3. I’m having the same problems with i5 4690 rx 470 4gb 20gb ram have you found out the problem yet if I find out I will let you know
  4. I’m not just going to play games also 3d modeling game developing editing and the infamous chrome if chrome will even run on only 24 cores 48 threads
  5. What is the best gpu for dual e5 2690 v3 CPU’s I cant figure it out because none of the online bottleneck calculators let you see the results of dual cpu configurations
  6. Will a snow man 6 heat pipe fit in a optiplex 7020 mt
  7. Does anyone know where I could find a dual or quad socket lga 2011 r2 motherboard I can only find lga 2011 / r motherboards
  8. Does anyone know of a lga 2011 or 2011-3 cpu with 12 cores &+ 2.5 ghz &+ that supports quad socket
  9. Witch would be better I am a game developer and I also play a lot of games
  10. This is just a idea you could get a lga 2011 motherboard single or dual socket and get a E7-8857 12 cores 30mb of cache 3 ghz and you should definitely upgrade to quad channel memory and more ram would be nice but not necessary and for a gpu a gtx 1070 or a rx 580 8gb would be good
  11. Does anyone know of a overclockable lga 2011 cpu with at least 12 cores that supports dual or quad socket
  12. I’m just starting a YouTube series with them because I have not seen many videos about opterons
  13. Thanks just what I needed to know do you know how high I could get them to go safely
  14. I’m planing on making a opteron build for a YouTube series and I was wondering how well opteron 6380 processors overclock and what the temps are like because if it does not overclock well I’m just going to stick with xeons and low temps would be nice but not a big deal
  15. Thank you. That’s probably what I will do since I’m a freak about low temps