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  1. Ive tried putting the microphone away from my mouth as far as possible. Ive put it below my mouth, the the side, almost as far as possible from my mouth. But again, I am a mouth breather. My old mic wouldnt pick the breathing up unless it was right on my mouth. This one gets it, no matter where.
  2. Okay, so. I got a new headset about a week ago for my stream. I decided to go with the Logitech G Pro X, as its an amazing headset and very suitable for streaming. However, after using it for this time, I decided to go back and look at some of my recent broadcasts.. And, this mic picks up EVERYTHING. I am a mouth breather. Every breathe, no matter where my mic is positioned, is picked up. If i take a DRINK, you can hear the water going down my throat.. Dont even know how thats possible. Every creak of my chair, every dog bark, every bit of background chatter.. This mic is fantastic. Audio quality is amazing, voice comes through crisp as hell. But, so does literally every fly on the wall. Any fixes, recommendations, or anything else of that matter would be very helpful.