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    United States
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    Current hobbies are track racing and recently getting into more PC gaming. Have been gaming for years on console but finally took the jump to PC.


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    DDR4 1x16 2666
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    GeForce 1660-Ti
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    HP pavilion
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    126GB SSD
    1TB HHD
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    27" Curved Sceptre 75hz
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    Windows 10

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  1. This is our first PCs. Nothing special but in the works of getting a dedicated PC for my racing rig. I was moving from the desk to the rig and almost dropped the PC. That was enough of a scare. Not trying to be like Linus and drop everything. HP Pavilion I5-9400f HP mother board GeForce 1660-ti 1x16 DDR4 2666 126GB SSD 1TB HHD
  2. With being a new fan of anything PC (3 months or so) I can definitely say due to the videos from Linus it has gotten me to buy a PC. Still not to the point to where I want to build a full system but I am slowly working up to that. I could easily see myself if i was ever lucky enough to meet the company simply sitting back relaxing.
  3. Thanks for the welcoming. The price includes everything so should just need to plug it up and good to go. From the research I have done iRacing is more GPU bound than CPU.
  4. Thanks for the quick response! I do not plan on running all setting maxed out. I use to run on my very out dated laptop on the lowest setting. My main concern if the GPU can handle 3 monitors. I have seen reviews on people using it for a low end set up on a triple monitor but had a more up to date CPU and DDR4.
  5. I have been looking to pick up a dedicated PC for my Sim Racing (mainly iRacing). Would like to run a triple 24" monitor set up at 1080p. I have an opportunity to get an I5-4590s paired with an AORUS RX580 4GB. 1x8 DDR3 1600 and 1TB HHD for $169. not looking to spend more than $200 since I already have a main gaming PC. I just do not want to have to keep moving it from my desk to my racing rig.