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  1. I just bought another 500gb wd ssd and when i went to go format it like I usually do because this is my 4th ssd install it said "access denied" but the letter i put as the ssd "D" is unavailable to make it again which makes no sense either
  2. are you asking me or nick name for there thoughts ? and yes im positive the pump is running and pumping water because it makes an audible swish noise about every 10 minutes lol. and i dust my pc every day before i go to bed because i hate the look of it and i've checked the radiator, there is no dust and by the way there's clearly something very wrong because the game i play every single day i get around 160fps and i just hopped on and im struggling to barely get even 20 fps... seems like there's something more than just a simple temp problem now.
  3. yeah, but 80c still isn't to high for the 3600
  4. so about 3 months ago around when i bought my new cpu i ran a cinabench r20 test on my ryzen 5 3600 and got a score of 3722 and now i ran a cinebench test and got a score of 1900. What happend to the score
  5. okay so i just stressed the cpu and the temp only when up 6c from 72c to 78c and when i re done the test but took the oc off and changed the power plan it didn't really do to much other than drop the idle and test temps down about 8c from what it just showed prior to it
  6. ohh and another thing i recently changed the power plan from high performance to ultimate performance, if that could be a reason
  7. yea some guides show putting a pea size and others show like 4 pea sizes so i put about 4 pea sizes lolol
  8. one other thing i have it oc to 4.25 ghz could that be the reason?
  9. yeah i removed it lmao. and yep everything is running full speed. could to much thermal paste be a problem? because i put a generous amount on.
  10. yes everything is running full speed lol its very loud but i don't mind. more than likey im going to reseat the aio
  11. my gpu has temp problems to and i noticed when the glass panel is off it gets a lot cooler so the glass panel is off the side and my case is a phanteks p600 or something
  12. 4 cheapo rgb fans and the cpu cooler is this https://www.amazon.com/Cooler-Master-MasterLiquid-Dissipation-MLW-D24M-A20PC-R1/dp/B075YPG52N/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=master+cooler+aio&qid=1591050323&sr=8-3
  13. when my pc is completely idling with nothing running i noticed this temperature in cpuid hw monitor is always around 70-80c is this my cpu temp? if so why in the heck would it be that hot on idle?
  14. practically nothing lol
  15. 16gb ddr4 ryzen 5 3600 4.2ghz nope both ssds are about 60% this happens when nothing is running and i built the pc all brand new parts in janurary so nothing is old
  16. so I commonly have this problem where when i try to do something that involves file explorer (opening a file with pictures,browsing threw game files to add mods,cleaning/deleting stuff i don't need,etc) the file explorer freezes and says "not responding" then my mouse cursor starts going very slow like it's at 1 fps and nothing seems to fix it other then turning the pc off from the button on the case. anybody know the cause and/or fix for this? edit-- and task manager is extremely laggy it takes a long time for it to load and it says the power usage for it is very high which i've never noticed
  17. so i got the money and im about to upgrade my xfx rx 570 8gb but i don't know which one i should do the 5600xt or the rtx 2060.Im thinking the 5600xt because i know how to use radeon's software already from experience of having my 570. but i don't know about the performance between both of them, and the 2060 has ray tracing. any opinions? edit- will my MSI B450M PRO-VDH MAX or ryzen 5 3600 be a bottle neck with these cards?
  18. so i just bought modern warfare for pc and i have all the settings to low and im getting a constant 120 fps but the frame stutter is horrendous,when i try shooting at someone the frame stutter is so bad it looks like it skips a bunch of frames and the next frame is not even pointing at the target when 2 seconds before i was pointing right at him. i play rust,fortnite,csgo,fallout76,pcbuildsim,the forest,beamng etc etc and none of these games stutter at all they feel butter smooth so i dont think its because of my pc specs but here they are gpu- rx570 8gb (oc to 1450 mhz lmao) weird thing is that all games get my gpu to about 75-85c but on modern warfare its staying at 55-60c cpu ryzen 5 3600 (oc to 4.2ghz)
  19. it says windows cant be installed on part 3
  20. there is 3 and a little error at the bottom which one do i use to install windows ?
  21. so i was just going through my routers settings trying to find upnp and i came across the antivirus and looked at it and my routers antivirus has blocked 400 things in the past day and every single one of them are the exact same thing coming from my pc ( BLOCKED-Classification: MISC Cryptocurrency Monero Mining Activity -1) does anybody know what that means? it blocks it about every 10 minutes on my pc and by the way i dont crypto mine at all i dont even know how to do it but ive heard of it before all i use my pc for is homeschool and gaming. edit- it has an ip with it to and i searched it up on ip location finder and its showing its from moscow russia NTX Technologies S.R.O.
  22. when he clicks shift and f10 nothing happens
  23. but to download that u need another pc and all he has is that pc
  24. is there any way he can do it without needing another pc ?