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  1. Thank you for the feedback, very constructive thank you.
  2. Hi everyone, Since Intel’s 750 series runs between 50-100C and I am looking at installing an Intel 7 TB Intel D5-P4320 (which is said to run hotter) as my data drive... Has anyone used the EK SSD cooler, and do you know if the D5-P4320 will fit in it?
  3. Thanks for the suggestion. I am a graphic designer and coder that is getting back into gaming after a many year focus on my career. I like to tinker and want to build a water cooled system to see what Limits I can push it to, get a good foundation back into system design, and not have to replace hardware the next time a high demand game comes out.
  4. Good day, hardware: - 1x Thermaltake T900 case - 1x Corsair HXi 1200 power supply - 1x i9 9900k processor - 1x Aorus Z390 Xtreme Waterforce motherboard - 4x Trident Z Royal RGB DDR4 3000 16GB - 1x Bitspower RAM water cool DIMM x4 RGB - 2x 4 TB Samsung 860 QVO SSD (primary data drives in RAID) - 2x 4 TB WD Black SATA (backup drives in RAID) - 2x 2 TB Samsung 970 EVO Plus M.2 (OS Drives in RAID) - 2x Bitspower waterblock 3.5” drive covers - 1x EVGA GeForce RTX NVLink RGB Bridge - 3 slot System Usage: Photoshop 50%, Heavy Gaming 30%, Video Streaming 20%. System Build Experience: Intermediate Question(s): 1. Do you see anything that would impede optimal performance? 2. Will a 3 slot Bridge work on this MB or should I go with a 4 slot? 3. I am planning on ordering 2x Aorus RTX 2080 Super’s for video and use NVLink... I have heard that the performance of NVLink for consumer grade video cards is only about 20% gain over standard SLI due to the bridge having to still operate in a master to slave configuration? Or, has the bridge and drivers been optimized to now allow in essence the doubling of the processing power due to it fully supporting NVLink and parallel processing like the commercial graphics cards? thank you in advance for your time. Gary