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  1. Hi there! They are safe to disconnect once the PC has been shut down and the power with has been turned off on the power supply. try changing the SATA port that the drive (that's not being recognised) is plugged into. Windows should automatically find the drive and remember what its name is so it shouldn't matter what SATA port its plugged into. If This doesn't work, try a different SATA data cable (the small one) and if you've still got no luck try swapping out the SATA power cable (the big one that goes to the power supply) Cheers! Theo.
  2. Hey there! From what I've heard, the 3900x is a fairly hot (in temperature) chip, however, the cooler manufacturers don't offer TDP specifications of their coolers. From the reviews I've read, The MSI one is good for the money. The cooler master cooler, seems to have decent cooling capability but don't expect any of these to cool the chip to surprising levels, this cooler would be my choice for its capability (+ aesthetics even though it may not matter to you). If price is a concern, at over half the cost of the cooler master then I would head for the MSI cooler. From my research, this chip WILL get hot under load so at the end of the day its your choice between more expensive + slightly better performance or less expensive + slightly worse performance. Cheers! Theo.
  3. Hey everyone! For about 7 years I've wanted to properly water-cool my PC, though I have never bitten the bullet and gone for it over fears of breaking my hardware. I am due a CPU and RAM upgrade soon and have decided that I finally want to go for it properly. I think I know all there is about the building process of a custom water loop but all tips and tricks are welcome. I am aiming for a Budget/Performance type loop (I enjoy pushing my hardware to the limits) and wish to cool both GPU and CPU. I also want to do hardline tubing. Here are my specs: CPU (upgrading to) - Ryzen 3700x GPU - EVGA 2070s FTW3 RAM (upgrading to) - 16GB 3600MHz Corsair RGB memory Case - Corsair 465X Shouldn't really need much more info. All tips and tricks welcome! I have attached a few photos from my current setup at Uni too so you get the gist etc.
  4. I feel your pain! I found a pretty good deal on a 2070s FTW3 on eBay which I'm pretty pleased about, few tiny tweaks and its faster than any of the standard 2080 cards out there. Feel like I'm slightly bottlenecked generally with my CPU, a nice 5-10 fps boost on average would make me happy. The main reason for this topic was to sort out my performance in BFV It just happened that i didn't realise how poor AC Odyssey optimization was. Hopefully a new CPU will improve my overall stability in BFV and upcoming games that are using DX12. Cheers.
  5. It's such a shame The game looks stunning I just wish it ran faster. Shame on Ubisoft! You're probably right, still think a new CPU would be nice though, I work in music production and these massive sessions sure love snappy CPUs. Cheers!
  6. Just bought AC Odyssey on sale on steam and I'm getting sub-par performance there aswell. It's definitely not the card. would you recommend that I buy a new CPU or try and RMA my current one. Cheers
  7. Haha its been a while but my overall system responsiveness has improved and things feel generally faster. BFV runs without stutters on DX11 and feels nice and smooth, still slightly slower performance than I would expect but at least the performance is constant rather than going really high and then dipping down. CPU is performing a bit slow, I think I'm due an upgrade soon anyway because some of my large Pro Tools sessions love that extra core count and speed. Maybe a 3900x is on the table ?, Thanks very much for your help though it it much appreciated Cheers, Theo.
  8. I'm still not seeing the results i would like, I am going to fully reset my PC i think. Hopefully if it acts as a new machine then I will have no issues thanks for all the troubleshooting help though
  9. Just put DX11 on and no stutters as opposed to last time with DX11, I'm seeing ultra settings framerates between 80 and 120?
  10. Yep so I'ts on auto now, just achieved a 2682 which is close to the average of 2736 that this particular CPU holds
  11. Haha its almost like you're emplyed by them
  12. I will run the test and some games when I change it in the bios
  13. Schoolboy error by me when removing my overclock a couple of days ago i set the clock speed to 34.00 which i guess means that the cpu is being forced to stay at 34?
  14. These are my temps on Cinebench R20, nothing seems abnormal.
  15. My 2600 scored 11907 in passmark while the average 2600 score is 13503