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  1. My system is a gaming pc that i use mainly for gaming
  2. Are you sure my system won't make alot of noise because of the fans or overheat ??
  3. Well i was going for the corsair hydro x hard tubing full set. it costs 760 US dollars wich is just insane, i dont even know how to install it or bend the tubes properly. so I'm very confused and frustrated.
  4. Yes i meant AIO, but do you think i should get a custom loop then? its just like the custom loop will cost me around 800 dollars but the AIO cooler will only be like 150. what do you think i should get? like is it worth it to get custom loop?
  5. So I'm building a gaming computer, I've bought all the parts but I am still very split. See, i want costum water cooling with rigid/hard tubing in my build, but It's really expensive and hard to get and install, so i really want to know if it does a big difference between having an closed loop water cooler or a custom loop, my specs are - - I9 9900k - rtx 2080 super - 32 gb ram - Asus ROG Maximus XI Hero (motherboard) - corsair 1000w power supply - Samsung 970 EVO Plus M.2 ( 1000 gb) - corsair obsidian series 500D rgb se (case) Please i really need help should i stick with a closed loop liquid cooler from corsair or custom loop ?????