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  1. 京东 www.jd.com I already bought it. Lenovo i5 8G 1TSSD GTX1650 I don't know how AMD's CPU is, mainly for development. It seems that things like AMD virtualization are not too mature. Finally, thanks!
  2. The budget is about 6000-7000 RMB. Weight and battery don't matter. Thank you for your reply!
  3. Hello, everyone, This is the first time I have posted on the forum. Since my English is not very good, the following is translated through Google Translate, there may be some ambiguities, sorry! I am a college student from China. My major is software technology, so I need a computer. I have waited for three months. I recently heard that the AMD 4000 series will be released, but I do n’t know when. I do n’t know Intel and AMD. Which is better for programmers? My budget is only 900-1000 USD ≈ 6800 RMB. Want to use a computer to learn programming, Unity, Pr, Ae, etc ... I don't know what configuration is better ...? Y740s (foreign code) = Y9000X (Chinese code) 1020 USD = 6999 RMB ideaPad S540-13 = XiaoXin Pro 13 i5 USD 920 ≈ 6299RMB Legion Y540 (1660Ti) = Y7000 (1660Ti) i5 + 8 + 512 + 1660Ti 1035 USD ≈ 7099RMB Is there anything else recommended? Thanks!