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  1. @minibois what i mean by future proof is upgradable for the future cpu like ryzen 4000 series. Or the negative effect if i use it in a long term. Does it do any damage to the mobo. The thermal on the vram. I/o. Anything that shows that this mobo is better than this mobo if i want to upgrade in the future
  2. Gigabyte x570 i aourus pro wifi mini itx mobo Or, Asrock b450 i gaming itx mobo? Which one is more future proof and why? Does both support cpu aio? It is for my mini itx build. Pre built dekstop from Aftershock Impulse.
  3. My friend is in bachelor in cyber security. He use ASUS X453MA(intel celeron, intel hd graphic, 8gb ddr3l ram, 1 tb sata ssd) and he had no computer at all. So he asked what he should buy with a range of 1,000-1,250$. A gaming laptop(nitro 5 maybe) Or, A full setup of desktop(big desktop with monitor) Or, A mini compact gaming dekstop with monitor? Beside coding with multiple apps open, he also want to play game. Not a hard one and not the light one. So i think about choosing higher ram. He said that, if he buy desktop, he will do light coding in the old laptop and heavy one on desktop. Thank you in advance
  4. I just asking in general with the cost around 1300 $, Should i get a notebook with i7 cpu, doesn't matter what gpu used(portable, formal) with egpu(so that when i have money, i can replace the gpu) , Or, Just jump straight to buy gaming laptop (with rtx 2060 or gtx 1660ti)? Just ask general knowledge?
  5. Gaming laptop with high gpu, i7 9th gen, 144 hz screen refresh rate, Or, Just a laptop with i7 9th gen, 144 hz screen refresh rate with egpu? In terms of cost, productivity, and gaming?
  6. Thank you @genexis_x for the code. I really appreciate it. Thank you so much.
  7. Such a good laptop but hmmm. Im not in us. I think the shipping cost + tax will make the price increse even more. Btw thank you.
  8. I'm in asia. To be specific, malaysia. I dont care about the weight or battery life. Just i want a great cpu pair with great gpu and higher refrrsh rate within the budget. Max money i can spend around 1250 usd or 5000 myr. Thanks in advance
  9. I don't no whether to choose nitro 5(i7 9th gen, 144hz screen diaplay, gtx 1650) or anything else that worth the price. Any suggestion? As long it cost around 1,100 usd. If within the budget can i get rtx 2060 laptop?