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  1. Greetings and salutations! I'd also suggest this topic for a future LTT video. A lot of people, like me, might want some guidance when it comes to matching a display with their next generation console. A few years ago I bought a 24" BenQ XL2420z monitor for use with my PS4 and PC. https://www.displayspecifications.com/en/model/b60f74d I have absolutely no issues with this display. I've gamed on it without issue, almost daily. 98% of that gaming done on console... Given what we know about the PS5 (and new XBOX console) what limiting factors will my current monitor pose to the PS5 hardware? If a case can be made that a new display will let me experience the new hardware to its full potential, I'll have to consider an upgrade. Do we have any display snobs here? Would they be willing to dissect the BenQ's specs and comment on whether it lacks anywhere? This monitor doesn't support HDR - which is partially why I didn't upgrade to the Pro. Appreciate your time.
  2. Hey all, Recently my wife and I decided to end our Bell T satellite service. We've opted to add a view streaming services to get the content we want, for less money. In order to watch NHL hockey, I setup NHL.tv. The issue is the non National Maple Leafs games are blacked out for me. Is there a method I can employ to make it appear I'm in a different region, so I can watch local games? Rogers Internet. And PS4.